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Intense Pulsed Light/IPL for Hair Removal and Skin Rejeuvination

IPL is a very effective method of permanent hair reduction, offering up to 95% hair removal reduction  a treatment course can take up to and beyond 6 sessions.

IPL consists of flashes of light on the skin which penetrate deep enough in the skin to damage up to 30% of the hair follicles in the hair growth stage  and causes these follicle bases to die off, or be  shallow enough to have an effect on the more  superfical problems  such as Acne, Rosacea and Hyperpigmentation areas,  threadveins, and in some cases the effects are seen after 1-2 sessions. IPL differs to laser as it uses a wide spectrum of light whereas laser uses a narrow spectrum of light.

Not everyone is suitable for IPL,   light fine hair would not respond to this treatment and therefore a full consultation and patch test is needed before we can offer the therapy, and once the patch test is completed, then 2-14 days must elapse to allow reactions/problems to occur.  

Treatment intervals vary depending on the areas treated, from 3-4 weeks for facial treaments to 6-8 weeks for legs.

NHS Staff
All IPL treatments for NHS Staff are reduced in price.

Contact us for special offers and discount packages for multiple body areas.
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