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Helping you choose the best course of Aesthetic treatments is our main aim.   Following a FREE consultation we will work with you to formulate a plan of care that suits you best and helps you acheive the outcome you are are looking for.  As some of the treatments require a prescription,  a consultation is compulsory to complete a suitability assessment.
Many aesthetic treatments aim to help you look and feel younger, rejunivated or help solve skin problems.   Fully trained in all areas we can currently offer, Wrinkle Relaxing Treatments,  Skin Peels,  Dermaroller/Microneedling,  IPL for Hair Removal and Skin Rejuvination.
Wrinkle Relaxing Injections
Now a well established and very popular treatment for the reduction of wrinkling of skin,   the injection of Botulimium Toxin into the muscle helps reduce the muscle movement and therefore reduces the wrinkles on the skin.   Before this treatment, a Consultaton must be performed which will indentify your expectations of this treatment.  The effect of treatment can take a few weeks to show, and we include a review appointment as part of the treatment. Treatment takes about 30 mins, and there is no downtime post treatment,

Dermal Fillers
Dermal fillers contain Hyaluronic Acid,  a naturally occuring substance in the body.   Injected correctly under the skin the effects can be very pleasing. Filling lines and lifting  areas of the skin on the face can acheive smoother skin and a more youthful appearance.   A very common use of fillers is for Lip Enhancement/Filling.   Treatment time takes about 30 minutes,  down time afterwards is minimal, but you may have some swelling or bruising.
Skin Peels
Skin peels help with general facial rejuvination , evening out skin tone and helping you feel fresher and younger.  Skin peels vary in strength and therefore effects can vary and your response to treatment varys.
Microneedling is very effective for skin rejuvination, and can be performed anywhere on the body.  As a nurse i can use different depths of microneedling to effect changes in the skin. Working by enocuraging the dermis to regenerate,  the effects are seen up to 4 weeks later, and last for months, however it is recommended that a course of treatments is undertaken 1-2 months apart.    Following treatment, regular application of SPF cream is essential
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